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Want to uplevel?

...and live your most empowered, self-loving and confident life?

Hi, I'm Emily,

I’m a Sobriety Empowerment & Life Coach. I coach people to uplevel into their most empowering, self loving and confident lives.

I’m a Certified Transformational Life and have been sober for over three years. I founded Sober & Social a community which offers events, membership and support for those wanting to lead an alcohol free lifestyle. I am also the host of the Sober Sips podcast. 

I decided to go sober after 16 years of constantly being in a destructive cycle with alcohol, a pattern of negative and damaging behaviours and a series of unhealthy relationships. When I made this life-changing decision, I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t compromise living my life to the fullest.

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I know first hand how it can be daunting to navigate your life without alcohol, reclaim your new sober self and know what’s next once you have got sober. Without alcohol, social situations can be intimidating and you might feel like you’ve lost your identity. The process wasn’t  easy but believe me everything and anything is possible when you are living life sans booze. 

In the early challenging days of sobriety, I focused on self-work: I invested in coaches, therapy, read self-help books and spent hours and hours learning to navigate my life sober. It was challenging, but I came through the other side with self-love, positive boundaries, and an inner self-confidence that simply wasn’t possible with alcohol in my life.

I will support you, empower you and encourage you every step of the way to help you build your dream life and reach your highest potential!

Whether you need help with staying on track, navigating the new you or just want to transform your life for the better, book in a call with me to get started!

Emily x


Kind Words

Her love and compassion, combined with her depth of coaching skills guarantees that she will help you change your life.
Dani, 38
Emily has helped me work out and encourage me to work out for myself what I need to do to achieve my needs in areas of sobriety, self-love/care, career, relationships, a healthy lifestyle and so much more!
Tess, 32
Emily instantly put me at ease and within no time I felt myself opening up to her (and most importantly myself) in ways that I had never expected possible. In just 10 weeks of working with Emily I have felt my life turn a corner and now look at things with a renewed sense of determination and excitement.
Keith, 39

N.B I am not a trained therapist, counsellor or a medical professional. If you are dependent on alcohol or drugs I strongly advise reaching out to a specialist in this field or seek medical assistance