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Coaching with Emily has been life changing for me.  Having the opportunity to have time to really stop and think about areas of my life I would like to expand and work on in a safe, confidential and welcoming one to one space has been brilliant. I have time to focus on myself and what I really do need. I love the fact that the processes are taken in small steps which is helping me reach my goals long term.  Emily has helped me work out and encourage me to work out for myself what I need to do to achieve my needs in areas of sobriety, self-love/care, career, relationships, a healthy lifestyle and so much more. Through following these steps in a manageable way, I have gained so much more love and care for myself. Day to day life and achievements are so much more possible for me, and I have gained skills and a mind set to approach goals and life needs in a totally different way. I am excited for what I am achieving! Thank you Emily

-Tess, 32

Emily has the most incredible heart that shines through in her coaching practice. From the very beginning Emily put me at ease and reassured me with her warm and genuine approach. She was able to explain everything in a really clear and supportive way, regularly checking in throughout to ensure I understood fully. I felt Emily's belief in me from the outset. Her gentle yet empowering approach meant that I felt supported in exploring what was challenging me and the barriers I was facing. Emily held the space beautifully to allow me to realise that the only thing standing in my way, was me! With Emily supporting me I was able to identify small manageable steps to start pushing through those internal blocks and step out of my comfort zone. I would recommend Emily as a coach to anyone. Her passion for helping people surrounds everything she does. Her love and compassion, combining with her depth of coaching skills guarantees that she will help you change your life.

-Dani, 38

To begin with I was sceptical as to what having a life coach would do for me, however I understood that I needed to find a way of coping with stresses and challenges that I was at that time facing.  I was nervous and unsure of what to expect when these sessions began, however Emily instantly put me at ease and within no time I felt myself opening up to her (and most importantly myself) in ways that I had never expected possible. With Emily’s guidance I managed to very quickly gain the ability to manage areas of my life that I set out to deal with in our first session. Not only that, but I have also unexpectedly discovered other inner potentials that now feel strong enough to strive for. In just 10 weeks of working with Emily I have felt my life turn a corner and now look at things with a renewed sense of determination and excitement. So much so that I have asked Emily to keep me on longer our 3 months as I can’t wait to see what happens next.

- Keith, 39