Sober Sessions

More and more people are choosing to live life without alcohol.

We all have our own reasons and we all have different experiences of living a sober lifestyle.

The great news is that sobriety is fun and gives us the chance to be our best selves and enjoy the best life has to offer.

And, the drinks and nightlife industry is waking up to the fact that people who don’t drink still want to visit great places and have fun!

Sober Sessions

At Sober & Social, we love hearing from others who are living or exploring an alcohol-free lifestyle. In our Sober Sessions, we chat to people about their experiences – we hope you enjoy reading.

sober Session with Emily Syphas, founder of Sober & social

What is the best thing about living a sober lifestyle?
Waking up in the morning feeling fresh and focused. Being able to achieve everything in my day that I set out to. Feeling more confident in myself and being able to make healthier choices. 

What is your idea of a perfect night out?
Going out to one of my favourite restaurants (Park Chinois or Game Bird at The Stafford) with good friends, then heading to a bar (Ladder Shed at Chiltern Firehouse, or to the rooftop bar at The Ned).

What do you drink on a night out?
A Seedlip cocktail or Ginger Ale. My favourite Seedlip cocktail is called a Painkiller, which consists of Grove 42, orange zest and coconut milk.

How has socialising changed for you since becoming teetotal?
On a night out, it can sometimes be difficult when the evening reaches a point where other people are on a different level to you. There are also some situations where you feel like you are missing out.

However, I have changed my view on nights out and choose to view my mornings as the most precious times for me. I always think about waking up without a hangover and being able to get up and do something productive and enjoyable with my day.

What advice would you give to someone considering becoming teetotal?
If alcohol isn’t making you happy, it’s okay not to do it anymore – it is possible to give up alcohol and your enjoyment of life doesn’t have to end.

There is lots of support out there, and you will be surprised how most people will encourage your new life choice. Find people making the same choices as you. I have found my sober network of friends invaluable.

Come to a Sober & Social event, go to Morning Gloryville, look at Club Soda. There are lots of people helping grow our sober community.

What do you enjoy doing to help maintain your sobriety?

Barry’s Bootcamp
Checking in with my sober friends



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