Choosing to live life without alcohol is a big decision for most of us.

From the startled, disappointed looks from friends when we tell them we no longer drink, to the times when the thought of an alcoholic drink is tempting, the journey can be tough.

Sober & Social is a supportive community and offers opportunities to share our experiences and gain strength from each other.

We do not have the skills or resources to help people treat serious addictions to alcohol, although you will find links to organisations who can help.

“a fun-loving and supportive community for those of us choosing to be teetotal”

Our support sessions are designed to celebrate sobriety

We know sobriety has enriched our lives, allowed us to become better people and improved the health of our body, mind and souls.

Our informal Sober Spaces are designed to celebrate our sobriety, support others at the start of their teetotal journey and spend time with new friends who want to enjoy life shaken, not slurred.

Support sessions are non-profit making and the only costs will be to cover the venue or activity. 

Interested in joining Sober & Social?

If you’d like to come along to a Sober Space meeting, please get in touch.

As a new organisation, we’re still testing interest and demand, so please let us know what kind of future events and activities you’d like to take part in and check out the Events page for forthcoming activities.




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