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Sobriety Empowerment Coaching

Sobriety Empowerment Coaching is a 3-month journey to help you navigate the new you, build confidence and create a life you don’t want to escape from. Going sober is so much more than putting down a drink and when it comes to living life alcohol free there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. We will work closely together to figure out a plan with a holistic approach that will work for you and your life.

I will guide and support you on your ongoing journey to make sure you feel empowered, confident and ready to fulfil your highest potential while making your sobriety sustainable.

My mission is to encourage you, support you and guide you through;

  • Tackling potential triggers and barriers that could set you back
  • Overcoming any limiting beliefs 
  • Increasing your self-worth and confidence
  • Setting healthier boundaries and feeling empowered in enforcing them 
  • Creating a sustainable sobriety toolbox
  • Navigating the new version of you and unlocking your full potential 

Your journey...

Week 1
Get to know you session + reflection on your journey so far
Week 2
Looking at potential barriers + triggers + overcoming limiting beliefs
Week 3
Cultivating self-love + the relationship with yourself
Week 4
Setting boundaries + creating new healthier ones
Week 5
Increasing your self-worth + confidence + making empowered choices
Week 6
Creating a sustainable sobriety toolbox + looking at the areas you want to work on together for the following weeks
Week 7-12
Tailored to you and your needs

What does the programme look like?

1 x 90 minute getting to know you call & reflection on your journey so far

5 x 60 minute structured coaching calls to give you solid sober foundations

6 x 60 minute coaching calls bespoke to you and your life

Daily access to me: WhatsApp Messenger access Monday-Friday 10am-6pm

1 year Sober & Social membership (worth over £300)

£2,000 (payment plan available) and your full commitment, time and energy.

Ready to start?

Contact me below and I’ll get back in touch!