Enjoy life shaken, not slurred

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Choosing to live or explore an alcohol-free lifestyle doesn’t mean missing out


Sober & Social provides fun and exciting, alcohol-free events at some of London’s premier venues for people living or exploring a teetotal lifestyle.


A growing number of people are choosing to enjoy life shaken, not slurred, and many of the Capital’s finest bars, clubs and restaurants are now catering for those of us who want our fun sober.


We’ve been doing our homework and working with some of the finest venues to create exclusive social events which are fun, sometimes glamorous and always enjoyable.

Our tribe – and vibe is growing!

As well as the increasing number of young professionals choosing to pursue a teetotal life, a growing number of celebrities and well-known folk are embracing sobriety and the positive improvements sobriety brings. In Sober Sessions, we chat to some well-known and some not so well-known people who have decided to live their lives alcohol-free and hear about some of the challenges and joys their decision has brought.   You can also find news on the hottest venues to host alcohol-free events and our pick of the best non-alcoholic drinks and cocktails.


Check out the events page to see details of forthcoming events and how to join in.



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