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Sober Sips POdcast

Sober Sips talks to inspirational and influential people to find out about their drinking journeys.

Hosted by Emily Syphas founder of Sober & Social. Sober Sips will motivate you to stay on track while giving you story and substance. Emily talks to guests at all stages of their journey offering different insights and perspectives from struggles to successes! We are inclusive to everyone whether you are sober full time, some of the time or you just want to listen for a good time! Sober Sips is your weekly quick fix!

Throughout this series of Sober Sips we are staying spirited with Lyre’s. They have an amazing range of 13 crafted non-alcoholic spirits so you can make all of your favourite cocktails but alcohol free and it really does give you the freedom to drink your drink your way. Lyre’s exquisite range was borne from a quest to make the impossible possible. As well as being alcohol free it is also Vegan, gluten free, dairy free as well as low in calories.

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Loved it!
Huge fan of DJ Tonys Instagram page so I was really excited to see this! He says it how it is and the relaxed atmosphere Emily creates makes it a really easy, insightful listen. I’m 4 years into sobriety and listening to other people’s experiences helps me immensely.
Favourite Sobriety Podcast
I’m very new to sobriety, so having been searching for podcasts to support me through this time. This has to be my favourite. Emily is a fantastic host, and due to being of similar age I feel I can really relate to her experiences. And I thoroughly enjoy listening to sober celebs tell their stories, very motivational and demonstrates what a great sober community is out there!
Thoughtful and inspiring
Just discovered this and loved the inspiring stories and positivity of the messages. I’m not sober but massively moderate for many reasons and it’s wonderful to hear from others living fulfilling sober lifestyles
Insightful Listen
Loving these podcasts,a fabulous range of guests and personal stories. Looking forward to who Emily hears from next!
As I’m in the early stages of Sobriety, it’s nice it listen to other people’s stories of how they’ve overcome or dealing with alcohol! I look forward to listening to many more of Emily’s podcasts 🙏🏼 my favourite so far is definitely Tom Kerridge ❤️ Thank you Emily for this brilliant Podcast Xxx
Just what we all need!
I’ve been sober for nearly 4 years now and this podcast is EVERYTHING I needed at the start of my journey and even now. I’m in awe of how much incredible work you put out into the world Emily, and the conversations you make space for. Thank you for this wonderful offering💛