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Sober & Social is a global brand and community that supports those wanting to explore and lead a teetotal lifestyle. The core ethos of Sober & Social is to empower, encourage and celebrate you living your healthiest and happiest life. 

Sober & Social was founded on the basis that going alcohol free shouldn’t mean missing out or having to compromise on your social life. 

Our approach to sobriety is to demonstrate to you, that you can still live a vibrant, happy and enriched life, alcohol free. We do this by providing a digital membership, events and brand collaborations to show you how fun sobriety can really be. 

As well as our core ethos, Sober & Social makes sure connection, conversation and community is at the heart of everything we do. 

We realise that going alcohol free can be a choice and a lifestyle change, but also a challenge, and we wholeheartedly want to be there, to help you lead your life, shaken not slurred!

Along the journey to creating Sober & Social, we have connected and worked with some of the world’s biggest AF drink brands from Seedlip, Brewdog and Lyre’s, to host events and support sober socialising. 

As well as these big brand relationships, we have also put on and hosted events in the hottest venues, from The Box to Soho House and got our mission and message featured in the likes of Balance Magazine, 

We are proud to be making an impact
and making the world a more sobering place to hang out!

Hi, I'm Emily

Hi, I’m Emily. I founded Sober & Social in 2018 after years of being in a negative cycle with my drinking and it starting to effect my mental health, I decided to embark on a life of sobriety. 

I thought there must be other people who still wanted to enjoy nice places, have great conversations, meet new people and enjoy delicious drinks but alcohol free. (Just like you!)

With a background in events and nightlife, working for the world’s largest concierge company, Quintessentially for 10 years, it made sense to combine my love of hospitality and people, my experience of events and building relationships, with my new sober lifestyle.

Therefore, I put these passions together and created a brand and community that helped others to realise they didn’t have to compromise on their social lives, and at the same time, helping them become the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves. 

I am passionate about changing the way society perceives the way we should drink. I think if less people drink alcohol we would have better mental health, less crime, more hospital beds, less days off work, feel more motivated, sleep better, make better food choices and overall we would be kinder to each other and love each other more.

Now I’ve shared my journey to sobriety with you,
I cannot wait to help support you on yours.