Challenges Of Sober Socialising

There is no doubt about it, sober socialising can feel daunting at times. Even though I have been hangover free for 5 years and have had many many sober socialising experiences there are still moments I feel socially awkward, know I would feel more excited about the evening if I thought I was going to have a drink and question whether or not I actually want to go (because honestly staying in bed with a cup of tea is calling my name).

Regardless of whether you are sober sober, sober curious, hangover free or just taking a night off from time to time it can feel more challenging and more daunting than others. Today I wanted to write about some of the challenges you might face to let you know this is completely normal and that you are not alone.

I have listed below some challenges you might face…

You Might Feel Left Out

Socialising with others who drink can often leave non-drinkers feeling out of place, uncomfortable, and even bored. One of the biggest challenges of socialising without alcohol is finding a way to fit in with others who do drink. Many non-drinkers feel like they’re missing out on the fun because everyone around them is drinking. It can be tough to find common ground with others when you feel they are on a different level to you.

You Might Feel Peer Pressure

Socialising without alcohol can be a challenging task, especially in a society where drinking is considered as a norm for social occasions. This is obviously improving and I hope by being a member of our community that this feels easier for you but there is no doubt that peer pressure can play a big part in the choices we make.

You Might Feel Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is an extreme fear of being judged or scrutinised by others in social or performance situations. Not everyone will suffer from this but it can be quite debilitating if you do and no doubt you may have found some coping strategies to manage this (hello alcohol). Alcohol can reduce stress and inhibit impulse control, having the effect of temporarily relieving the symptoms of anxiety; unfortunately, these “positive” effects are fleeting.

You Might Find It Difficult To Tell People You Aren't Drinking

Sometimes telling people you don’t drink is harder than actually not drinking. Will they judge me? Do they still think I am fun? Will they still want to spend time with me? I know this can feel difficult but just know that if anyone actually does think any of these then they are not your people.

You Might Need To Re-Navigate Your Social Life

Let’s be honest, being around people racking up a row of tequila just isn’t going to be as fun. The things that you used to find fun might not be anymore but that’s okay because there are so many other things you can do to have a thriving social life. Like yummy dinners, AF cocktail hunting, reading, alcohol-free events, joining group exercise classes or joining a chess club (yes I am actually about to do this).

If any of these resonate with you I want you to know its all part of the process, growth and self – discovery finding your authentic self sans booze.

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