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Live your happiest, healthiest,
hangover-free life

With an extra dose of support

Our Founder, Emily Syphas, helps people just like you to break up with booze, develop healthier habits, and start living life to the fullest through 1:1 Coaching.

Start your new life - now

Through 1:1 coaching, corporate workshops and one-off Empower Hours, Emily works with people who want more. Whether you’ve been struggling with alcohol and want to live completely alcohol-free or you just want to find healthier ways to live the happiest life you can, Emily’s coaching focuses on helping you to forge your own path, whatever that looks like for you.

A 12-week journey that takes you from overwhelmed, stuck and uncertain, to jumping head-first into your hangover-free life knowing exactly what you want and how to get there, with Emily by your side.
One hour is all it takes to change your life. An Empower Hour is for you to unpick whatever’s holding you back, so that you can walk away with the clarity and confidence you need to make powerful moves in your life.
Boost employee engagement and show your commitment to employee wellbeing with corporate workshops for your team, covering topics including self-love, mindful drinking and empowerment, or develop a bespoke workshop with Emily.

Kind words about Emily’s coaching

Coaching with Emily has been life-changing for me. I have gained so much more love and care for myself … and I have gained skills and a mindset to approach goals and life needs in a totally different way. I am excited for what I’m achieving!”
“As someone who has a busy mind and rarely gives myself time to sit and think about things on a deeper level, Emily held space for me to really dig into what it is that I want to get clarity on and challenged me with her highly professional coaching and expertise.”
“Through Emily’s coaching strategies I was able to overcome my negative beliefs around being sober, feelings of embarrassment and create a sobriety tool box, making me feel confident and empowered! I felt uplifted after every session.”

About your coach, Emily Syphas

Hi! I’m Emily, Certified Transformational Life Coach, Specialist Addictive Behaviour Coach, and your guide on your journey to living your happiest, healthiest, hangover-free life!

I decided to live hangover free after 16 years of constantly being in a destructive cycle with alcohol, a pattern of negative and damaging behaviours and a series of unhealthy relationships. When I made this life-changing decision, I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t compromise living my life to the fullest.

I know first hand how daunting it can be to navigate your life without relying on alcohol, establish healthier relationships with those around you, and create new habits that help you live your best life.

I’ve been where you are – and now I’m here to support you, empower you, and cheer you on as you create the life of your dreams.

Are you ready to unlock the healthiest, happiest version of yourself?

More kind words

“Working with Emily was one of the best decisions I ever made. She helped me be clear on the goals I wanted to achieve and put in a clear action plan to help me get there. I’m now living a much healthier lifestyle, taking time for exercise and being more confident with boundaries at work. Emily is basically your dream big sister who holds your hand while you work life out.
“Emily has the most incredible heart. From the very beginning, she put me at ease and reassured me with her warm and genuine approach. I felt Emily’s belief in me from the outset. Her gentle yet empowering approach meant that I felt supported in exploring what was challenging me. Emily held the space beautifully to allow me to realise that the only thing standing in my way was me!”
Wow. What a wonderful and glorious experience. From the start, I felt the world disappear and enter into a space that you created for me to feel safe, secure and for us to have a constructive and open dialogue. I left with such a spring in my metaphorical step! I cannot wait to action all the steps we spoke about. Many many many thanks!”