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MEMBER EVENT: Coming out of lockdown – building resilience and staying on track with Simon Chapple

11.00am  GMT  /  6.00am EST / 12.00pm CET

Coming out of lockdown: building resilience and staying on track

As we come out of lockdown our sobriety is going to be tested in new ways. With this in mind, we wanted to offer you a space to built resilience. We’re excited to bring you this Saturday morning workshop with Simon Chapple, who will guide you through some exercises to help you tune inwardly.

What’s will we be covering?

  • What happens when we drink alcohol and why we end up feeling worse than before we started.
  • How to manage cravings, especially in social situations.
  • An insight into limiting beliefs and how to overcome them.

Simon Chapple is The Quit Alcohol Coach, marathon runner and motivational speaker. At 44 years old he decided enough was enough and quit the alcohol forever. During his drinking years, his life was ruled by alcohol, anxiety, mood swings and emotional instability. (Sound familiar?) It wasn’t an easy-going journey and in this workshop, Simon will be sharing some of his wisdom which will help us build confidence and resilience in our sobriety.

What will you need for this workshop? 
You’ll need to bring a notebook or journal and a pen.

There will be plenty of opportunities to ask Simon questions during the workshop.



This is a members-only event, if you are interested in joining, please email