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Morning Gloryville: New Years Day Wellness Rave – Friday 1st January 2021

10.00am – 1.00pm  GMT 

Sober & Social have teamed up with Morning Gloryville who are bringing us the ultimate New Years Day party to Kickstart 2021!

You can purchase your ticket here and use the discount code SOBERSIPS to receive 20% off the ticket price (usually £10). 

Here’s what you’ll experience at our online experience & wellness party:


  • 10am Yoga with CAT DUVAL 🧘🏾‍♀️
  • 10:45am A Special New Year’s Gift by KING OF MORE 🎤
  • 11:00am Opening Ceremony with ROXY & IONA MCNEIL ⭕
  • 11:15am HUNGRY MAN DJ 🎵
  • 12:00pm Rockstar Activator TOM MORLEY 🥁
  • 12:15pm DJ SHORTY 🎧
  • 13:00 Sound Journey with TALLULAH RENDALL 🎶

This is a circus of our imagination! 🎪

We want you to get wild, shake your body, release control and open up to the possibilities that surrounds you. 🎊

We’re bringing you awesome tunes, authentic expression, uplifting affirmations, the dance of life and pure magic created by all of us! 💫

Dress up, join the party & dance with us. This is our medicine. This is our practice. Together we are stronger! Let our incredible facilitators, fabulous live DJs and uniquely talented artists entertain you and remember that you’re the star of the show too! 🌟

Join us on Friday 1st of January 2021 between 10am – 13:30pm on Zoom for a most exciting virtual rave & wellness party. 🥰

This is REAL! 🏺

The Age of Aquarius by Morning Gloryville will nourish your mids, bodies and souls. ♒

Dress Code:

The Age of Aquarius invites you to be courageous! ✨

Go where you’ve never been before. ♒ Unleash the God within! We’re in awe of your creative spirit. Let us see you! Dress up like a planetary revolution! 🌕

Turn yourself into a Goddess or a God of Olympus… Witness the miracle that you are! You may have had a tough year, but you’re stronger than ever baby! You are a STAR! 🌟

Theme: Age of Aquarius, Zodiac, Astrology, Mythology, Gods and Goddesses

Buy your ticket here