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Self-Love, Yoga & Meditation with Aysha Bell – TUESDAY 15th FEBRUARY

Time: 7pm – 7.45pm


Join Aysha for this heart opening vinyasa yoga class for us to honour our self love. Lots of deep breathing, stretching and learning to consciously send healing breathing the body.

Aysha is trained in sound, meditation vinyasa yoga, yin yoga, pranayama, EFT, tantra massage and trauma release. 

This session is all about self love. We will close with a guided meditation and light breath work. Aysha uses reiki healing energy in all the work she does. Tapping into self love and appreciation can be really powerful and the benefits last long past the sessions!

Aysha’s hope is that you will leave the session with a practice you can take home to continue working on.

Location: Zoom

This is a members-only event. If you’d like to become a member, join the waitlist here.