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Sober & Social Membership FAQs

Our most asked questions about the Sober & Social membership are answered below. If there’s any additional info you’d like to know we’d be happy to help!  Please get in touch here.


Do I have to be sober to join your membership?

We ask that all our members are either sober or sober curious. We understand that some of you are at the beginning your journey and are joining to make new pals and gain some support, some of you might be sober for a while and just looking for a sense of connection and community and some tittering on the edge of sobriety and need a little helping hand which are all absolutely welcome! However, this is not a recovery programme but a lifestyle membership and if you think you might be alcohol dependant or have deep rooted issues with drinking and drugs we advise you to seek medical help with a professional as this membership will not be suitable for you at this time.

What’s included in my membership?

Your membership includes You get weekly sharing circle’s to stay connected, to share your struggles and successes, monthly expert events from personal training sessions, meditations, sound baths, breathe work, cocktail masterclasses, vision boarding, yoga classes, talks and so much more. Members Facebook Group to check in daily, Monday motivation to set your week up with purpose, positively and impact, resources from books recommendations, podcast listens, city guides to drinks recipe’s and music playlists, benefits with drinks and lifestyle brands for your sober self-care, sober social pop ups for in real life events with a members rate and a bi weekly newsletter to keep you updated with everything going on.

How often will there be events?

Our events will be held weekly, every Sunday we host our sharing circles, our monthly expert event for you to enjoy including personal training sessions, meditations, yoga, cocktail masterclasses and SO much more. We will also be hosting our signature workshops every few months which our members will gain complimentary access too! 

Will your events be in real life?

We are a digital membership but Sober & Social was founded on the basis of real life connections and when the world will allow again we will be looking at hosting events locally and globally but for now we feel its super important we still have a space to connect with you all!

How is your membership global?

We are an online digital membership which means you can tap into it anywhere around the world. If a live event doesn’t fit in your time zone it will be recorded and uploaded into the members area so you can join at a time that works best for you!

How easy is it to cancel my membership?

Sober & Social membership works on a monthly basis, meaning we don’t tie you into a contract. You can cancel your monthly membership at any time. Please note this will mean losing your founding membership rate if you want to join us again. To cancel your membership simply head to the ‘my account’ page and click on the cancel button. If you’ve signed up using PayPal please cancel directly through your PayPal account following these instructions. Please feel free to send us your feedback on

Are there any payment plans available?

No. This is a monthly membership, which means each month, your £24.99 will be charged. We want to be as accessible as possible, if you are unable to afford this amount every month please get in touch and we can look at how to help you to access our community. Email