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Sober & Social Workshop Exploring your Sobriety – Wednesday 21st October 2020

Wednesday 21st October 

7:00pm – 8:30pm BST 

Emily will share her story of how and why she got sober. We will then explore our current and previous drinking patterns, why we used to drink/ why we are currently still drinking, how we can take accountability for ourselves and form healthier habits and what commitments to ourselves we can make to stay on track .

We will end the session with group sharing and Q&A. This session will not be recorded as we want everyone to be able to share in privacy and keep it in the room so we can all talk and express ourselves freely. The aim of this workshop is to dive deeper into ourselves and explore our drinking in a safe space. We want you to start living your best sober life and can’t wait to help you get started!

Is this workshop for me? This workshop is for you if…

•Alcohol is effecting your life negatively and you want to stop for a while or the long haul

• You have already stopped drinking but want to stay on track

• You want to explore your drinking habits and triggers

• You are the beginning of exploring sobriety and want to dive a little deeper

What our session will look like;

• Emily’s story – why and how she got sober

• Looking at the advantages and disadvantages of our drinking

• What our drinking patterns look like

• How we feel after we have had a drink

• How we can form healthier habits

• What we can do to stay on track and move forward

• Sharing/Question time

We look forward to welcoming you to our exploring sobriety workshop and helping you dive deeper!


The Sober & Social Team