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10 Surprising Benefits of Living an AF Life

Going sober brings about a whole new range of experiences, obstacles and emotions; so many of which have had an amazingly positive impact on the lives of the AF community. If you didn’t know it before, you’ll know it now – sobriety just gets better and better! 

Here are our ten surprising benefits of living an AF life:

1. You have more confidence

There is a big misconception that alcohol gives you confidence yet never will you feel more confident than in your sobriety. Knowing you are putting your best foot forward at all times, being more present and showing up as the real you, brings about an inner confidence you’ve never encountered before going sober.

2. You become kinder

You think before you speak, you don’t argue or cause unnecessary drama, and you are able to walk away from situations that might normally escalate if you were drinking. 

3. You care more about your wellbeing

In sobriety it’s much clearer as to why it’s important to practice self-love and treat your body as the temple it is. You’re more likely to appreciate what your body does for you and make a conscious effort to give back to it by looking after yourself and treating yourself kindly.

4. You have an improved love life

Being single and sober results in better boundaries. You only want to date people that are in alignment with you and your lifestyle and are able to recognise red flags sooner. If you are in a relationship, your clarity of life can equate to feeling more connected to your partner and fewer arguments over trivial things.

5. You have fewer regrets

Everyone knows the feeling of awful hangxiety (as they say). Going sober means you will never have to wake up with the looming feeling of dread and embarrassment ever again. You are able to make well informed decisions and put situations from your social interactions into perspective, swerving those days on end of regret.

6. You say NO more

You are able to stand in your power and have the inner confidence to say no to the things you really don’t want to do. You are more aware of who and what drains your energy and can use this to bring peace into your life.

7. You find even more fabulous drinks

The AF drinks market is booming and not drinking is actually A LOT more exciting than you would think. You have amazing AF spirits such as Caleno Drinks, Lyre’s, Seedlip, Three Spirit, epic bubbles and wine like Jukes Cordialities, Wildlife Botanicals, Noughty AF, and delicious beers like Big Drop Brew Co and Lucky Saint.

8. You feel safer

If you can never guarantee where or with who you would end up with after a night out, going alcohol free will ensure your safety is of top priority. Sobriety means you are aware at all times and can make healthier and safer choices for yourself. 

9. You achieve more

Think of all the days you waste hungover, unmotivated and in a low mood. When you are sober you gain clarity, enabling you to come up with more creative ideas alongside the motivation and impetus to go out and achieve them.

10. You realise you can have it all

The BEST thing about an AF life is that you can quite literally have it ALL. You don’t need to worry about whether you will be able to make your plans the next day or if you will be too hungover to go out two nights in a row. You can go out to the early hours AND make the gym class, go for the brunch you booked AND make the family lunch, all the while showing up as your best shiny sober self!

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