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The Benefits of a Hangover-Free Summer

Summer is on its way! And we don’t know about you, but we can’t wait for days in the sunshine with friends featuring an AF drink in hand!

However, we also know sunnier days can be triggering for some, so we wanted to remind you of the fabulous benefits of an hangover-free summer season.

1. No hangovers

Need we say any more? Imagine a WHOLE SUMMER without a hangover in sight. No mornings spent with your head down the toilet, no cancelled plans because you can’t physically leave the house, and no dreaded the hangxiety the day after the night before. Pure bliss.

2. Being able to remember everything

What’s the point in planning an incredible summer if you’re going to get so drunk you won’t remember it anyway? Forget getting blackout drunk, plan a summer to remember – for all the right reasons!

3. Saving money on drinks

Prepare to save a whole load of money by having a booze-free summer. We can’t promise you won’t spend that money on tasty AF drinks instead though!

4. Nurturing your friendships

Being booze-free this summer means being able to make plans with the people you love and who you really want to spend time with, not just the people who are up for getting the most drunk. Plus, there won’t be a single drunken argument in sight!

5. Looking after your mental health

A whole summer without alcohol will have a hugely positive impact on your mental health. Your mental wellbeing will thank you, plus you’ll sleep better too. More rest = more fun. It’s a win win!

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