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Celebrating Without Alcohol

Celebrating without cracking open the champagne!

Let’s get one thing straight – SOBER PEOPLE CAN CELEBRATE TOO! Whilst traditional methods of celebration involve getting boozey, there are plenty of ways to celebrate without cracking open the champagne. Spoiler alert: NONE of them involve getting a hangover 

1. Find your favourite AF fizz instead

Can’t imagine a celebration without the bubbles? No problem! Find your favourite AF fizz and crack it open instead. No one needs to know! Some of our favourites include Nozeco or Freixenet 0.0%. 

2. Pamper yourself with a spa day or some self-care

Is there anything better than allowing yourself to relax, unwind and rejuvenate? Treat yourself to a spa day as a way of celebrating. And isn’t sobriety reason enough to celebrate in itself? Or choose your favourite self-care methods and pamper yourself at home – think movie nights and bubble baths. It doesn’t get much better than that.

3. Indulge in some tasty treats

Celebrations often revolve around drink, so let’s get food involved too. Indulge in your favourite tasty treats to celebrate whatever it is you wish to celebrate. Whether that’s cooking a delicious nourishing meal or stocking up on your favourite snacks – take your pick, and fully indulge!

4. Spend time with your favourite people

Get other people involved in your celebration! Gather the people you LOVE spending time with, who lift you up, and who you’d like to celebrate with…and do so together. Turn it into a party or simply an opportunity to chat and reflect. 

4. Embark on an adventure in a brand new place

Get up, get moving and embark on an exciting adventure! Where is somewhere you’ve always wanted to go? Where would you like to explore more? Celebrate yourself and your achievements by making it happen!

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