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DRY JANUARY – Our Top Tips for Tackling This Month

This January, we want to help you get and stay sober. Whether you’re thinking of staying dry for a month (shoutout to Dry January!) or dry for a lifetime, here are our top tips to help you smash 2021 without getting smashed:


1. Ask the right question

This can come in particularly handy if you are thinking about picking up a drink.  Ask yourself: Is this the happiest, healthiest and highest choice I can make for myself right now? By asking this simple question, it allows us to stop and think about our decision before picking up a drink. This is usually something we do on autopilot so by creating this space between thought and action we can make better choices for ourselves.

2. Think about what you gain, not what you lose

Write down all the negatives alcohol brings you. For example: a bad night’s sleep, anxiety, regret, no money, bad choices, hangovers, bad skin, poor food decisions. Then, write down all the positive effects of not drinking. For example: feeling more motivated, more clarity, more present for friends and family, losing weight, saving money, more confidence and feeling more positive. If you ever feel triggered to drink, focus on everything your life has gained by not drinking. This will allow you to put into perspective all the amazing things not drinking gives you but also everything that alcohol takes away from you.

3. Remember you get to have it all

You might be worried about missing out on social occasions and big celebrations (when we are back in the real world) but the irony is, you aren’t missing out at all. By not drinking you are leading a life where you get to do everything and properly show up and take part in it ALL! You can go out on a Saturday night and still make your exercise class on Sunday morning, you can go out for drinks on Thursday, Friday AND Saturday with no problem. While we are in lockdown and zoom quizzes with fizz are a thing, or having Friday night winddown wine, know that you can still show up and be present but you can go to bed without a fuzzy head and still catch your virtual morning yoga class. Going alcohol-free really is having your cake and eating it.

4. Find your favourite AF alternative

Find your favourite AF alternatives which taste amazing and give you all of the fun but none of the hangover! The AF drinks market is growing so fast, there are so many choices available. Some of our favourite AF spirits are Caleno, Lyre’s and Everleaf.If you are looking for fabulous fizz, we would recommend Wild Life Botanicals or Noughty AF.

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