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Having the Best Sober Summer Yet

Summer is FINALLY HERE and we are so ready for it! However, we know that it can be a difficult time for some people in their sobriety. The sun is out, drinks are flowing, and reaching for an alcoholic tipple can seem tempting.

That’s why we’ve put together our top tips to help you have the best sober summer yet!

1. Discover your favourite AF drink

Would your go-to normally be an Aperol as soon as the sun appears? Feel like you’re going to miss out on cocktails in the sunshine? We got you! Make it your mission this summer to find the ultimate AF summer drink! Have fun with different recipes, play around with boozeless spirits, and mix things up a bit. 

2. Find fun things to do that don’t revolve around alcohol

Instead of hitting up the beer gardens or heading for boozey picnics in the park, why not find some new activities that don’t revolve around alcohol? Of course we wouldn’t leave you without any inspiration…get started by selecting something from this list:

  • Go for a hike
  • Try wild swimming
  • Go camping
  • Hold an AF cocktail party
  • Explore a new place

3. Set firm boundaries with yourself and others

If you’re newly sober, setting firm boundaries can be particularly helpful. Boundaries might look like telling your close friends that you’re not drinking so they can respect that, only staying out until 11pm or going home as soon as you no longer feel up for socialising. Establish what your boundaries are, and stick to them

4. Surround yourself with people who make you feel good

There’s nothing worse than sober socialising with people who bring you down. Oh wait, yes there is – drunk people who bring you down! So, surround yourself with people who genuinely make you feel good, lift you up, and support your sobriety. This doesn’t mean that everyone you socialise with needs to be sober, but ensure whoever you’re socialising with fully supports and respects the fact that you are sober!

5. Have FUN sober socialising

Don’t forget to have FUN this summer! At Sober & Social, we’re on a mission to prove that it is possible to have fun without alcohol. So aside from establishing firm boundaries, having a strong support system, and all the other tips and tricks we can give you…don’t forget to enjoy yourself along the way!

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