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How to be more mindful in drinking for the rest of 2021

If there is anything that the past few months have taught us, it’s to be more mindful. More mindful of our health, more mindful to live in the present, and more mindful about what we are putting into our bodies. 


Mindful drinking can be summarised as being more aware of our drinking habits. It can be deciding to only drink alcohol at special occasions, limiting yourself to a couple drinks on a night out, or simply checking in with yourself mentally. With the year in full swing, why not consider how you could practise mindful drinking for the rest of 2021. 

See below our top tips for cultivating a healthier relationship with alcohol:

1. Ask yourself the right questions

Asking yourself the right questions before you drink is such an important habit to get into. It allows you to fully think about your decision before going into auto-pilot and having that extra glass of wine or bottle of beer. Questions to ask yourself could sound like: Do I feel good in myself? Do I have anything important I need to do in the morning? Is this decision going to empower my best self?

2. Be mindful in every area

Being a mindful drinker is about becoming mindful in all that we do. The more we look after ourselves in all areas of our life, the less we will want to engage in unhealthy drinking habits. This means eating the right foods, exercising, sticking to our commitments, making sure we have enough time for ourselves, being present for our friends and family, creating goals for ourselves and talking to ourselves in a loving way. If we have a more mindful approach to our life as a whole, it will be easier to translate this when it comes to our drinking too.

3. Find mindful friends

Finding friends, communities and support groups that allow you to connect with like-minded people is a big part in becoming a mindful drinker. It allows you to talk to others that understand the mindful journey you are on and gives new depth to your social life – one of the most exciting parts in becoming a mindful drinker!

4. Experiment with alternatives

To become a mindful drinker, finding an alcohol free or lower percentage drink you love is key. This will enable you to still have a drink that you enjoy but without having to feel like you are missing out and minus the big hangover in the morning. If you aren’t into AF cocktails, try experimenting with all the non-alcoholic beers on the market – some of them taste better than the real thing!

5. Be aware of your limits

Become aware of the amount of alcohol that works for you (or doesn’t work for you). For most of us there is a PONR (point of no return) and we suggest finding out what this is for you, then making it a non-negotiable limit for yourself.

6. Go low ABV

This is a great way to still enjoy your favourite tipple but with less alcohol and therefore less risk of overdoing it. More and more brands are tuning into low-alcohol options, as are bars and restaurants!

7. Notice how you feel

Do a little introspective work every time you go to pick up a drink. Ask yourself, ‘is my drinking coming from a positive or negative place?’ For example, you’re at your best friend’s wedding, feeling fabulous and want to have a glass of champagne to celebrate (positive place) as opposed to having had a stressful day at work and wanting to escape (negative place). This will help you to understand yourself a little better and your motivation for drinking.

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