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Maintaining Booze-Free Joy Long After Dry January

How has your Dry January been? Are you experiencing all the incredible benefits that sobriety has to offer yet? 

If you’re thinking of keeping it up long after the 31st, we are absolutely here for that! Check out our eight reasons to stay dry after January!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out Alcohol Change UK for more important information and support when it comes to reducing harm caused by alcohol.

1. Ongoing mood boost

You may be aware that alcohol is a depressant. So by continuing to keep it out of your life, you’re reducing the negative effects it has on your mood and mental health. Think of being booze-free as a brilliant mood boost!

2. Ongoing sense of achievement

By continuing to stay off the booze, you’re continuing to set yourself goals – and achieve them. Staying sober long after Dry January will undoubtedly give you an incredible ongoing sense of achievement. Get ready to tick off those sober milestones!

3. Continue enhancing your physical wellbeing

Not only does alcohol negatively impact mental wellbeing, but it has significant effects on physical wellbeing too. Think cardiovascular disease, increased risk of stroke, gastritis, liver cancer…and more. By continuing to stay alcohol free, you’re giving your body the best possible chance at being healthy.

4. You’ll continue sleeping better

Being booze-free means a much better quality of sleep. No disturbed sleep patterns or waking up in the middle of the night gasping for water due to dehydration. Expect long, deep, rejuvenating sleeps.

5. Save money

Unless, like us, you decide to spend all the money you’ve saved from ditching the drink on the latest and greatest AF’re going to save money in the long run. Why not put all the money you would’ve spent on drinking into a pot to treat yourself with each month?

6. More time

Living a booze-free life means having way more time on your hands. Forget endless mornings with your head down the toilet, moments erased from your memory due to blacking out, or never wanting the night to end even though it’s ridiculous-o-clock in the morning. Free up time to do the things that matter to you.

7. A whole new perspective on life

Throughout Dry January you may have noticed a few mindset shifts within you. Perhaps you’ve realised alcohol isn’t all that great after all. Maybe you know now it’s more than possible to have fun without getting smashed. These AF revelations will be a common occurrence for you by choosing to break up with booze. Expect to gain a whole new perspective on life.

8. No hangovers!

Never. Again. Need we say any more?

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