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Our Top 6 Ready to Drink Cocktails

Ready to drink for any occasion even though we know it’s fun to play mixologist there are times where you just need drinks that are easy yet delicious. Perfect for picnics, little get togethers and summer BBQ’s we have listed our top 6 ready to drink cocktails so you can have none of the hassle but all of the fun!

Clean Liquor

The development of The Clean Liquor Co. has been a long and personal journey. For these canned cocktail they have skilfully combined fragrant and juniper-packed CleanGin with a wonderfully well balanced and refreshing tonic water and CleanRum which which skilfully combines the sweet caramel notes and cayenne pepper spice of CleanRum with delicious cola. Both these mixed drink that is only 0.5% vol yet crisp and delicious.


Highball are husband and wife team Red and Kate Johnson. They were seeking alcohol free alternatives to their favourite cocktails that were delicious, convenient and would be suitable for social occasions and drinking at home. Because they mix alcohol free cocktails for ourselves, they decided to develop a small range of some of their favourites – and called them Highball Cocktails. They come in 6 delicious flavours Cosmopolitan, Gin & Tonic, Ginger Dram, Italian Spritz, Mojito and Pink G&T


Nocktail use a stimulating, natural botanical blend of Garden MintKafir Lime, Lemongrass & A Hint Of Chili combined with a delightful Natural Rum Flavour (alcohol-free of course!) to bring these Mojitos to life and help re-create the similar sensations you would expect from a traditional Mojito. The same satisfying flavours, without the dissatisfying mornings.


A non-alcoholic twist on the classic Negroni, the NOgroni was born in Seedlip founder Ben Branson’s garage. It debuted at The World’s Best Bar Awards in London in 2017 and has been a popular non-alcoholic listing in some of the best bars around the world ever since. Now Seedlip is bringing the NOgroni into a bottled concept. The NOgroni is a bold & bittersweet contemporary take on a classic cocktail made with a perfectly balanced mix of Seedlip Spice 94, Æcorn Bitter & Æcorn Aromatic.

Served as an aperitif with food or simply enjoyed on its own, the NOgroni is a complex, bitter & citrusy blend with hints of Chinotto Orange, Grapefruit, All Spice & Gentian.


ISH is the alternative for the mindful drinker. The athlete, the pregnant woman, or the designated driver. It’s for those who can tear up the dance floor sober, and for those who simply want to wake up with a clear head on a Sunday morning. Realizing people craved the same familiar flavors. ISH, was created  we can all still enjoy our favorite cocktails with no- og low-alcohol, for any occasion, and most importantly – without compromise. They have two delicious canned flavours SpritzISH which is truly a bittersweet balanced experience, with flavors reminiscent of long summer evenings and warm nights and GinISH and tonic.

Square Root

In 2012 Ed + Robyn started making Square Root Sodas, selling them at their local farmers market.They enlisted the help of a 1920s delivery Tricycle, Elsie, and began peddling them all around town.Since then, they opened up their very own Soda Works in a railway arch in Hackney and demand for the sodas has grown exponentially.With an ever changing range of flavours, Square Root Sodas truly are unique. Ed, Robyn and the team really do strive to get the most out of their ingredients and ensure that every flavour you try is the best it can be! They have their non- alcoholic G&T as well as there non -alcoholic Negroni Spritz.

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