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Preparing for the Festive Season Sober

Preparing for the festive season sober 

With December on its way, the festive celebrations will be kicking off before we know it. This time of year can bring joy, happiness and festive cheer, but it can also be a very triggering time – especially for those in the early stages of sobriety.

Keep reading to uncover our top tips for smashing the festive season without getting smashed. 

1. Remember your Why

Why have you decided to go sober? Why did you stop drinking? What are your reasons for sobriety? Make sure you keep all of these reasons at the forefront of your mind as you enter the festivities. Stay true to your why. 

2. Look into tasty AF festive alternatives

Worried about missing out on festive tipples? There’s no need! There are SO many incredible AF alternatives out there, that you can feel confident about celebrating the festivities with tasty tipples…minus the hangover! Make it your mission to discover the best alcohol-free alternatives.

3. Plan things that don’t revolve around drinking

Festive film nights. AF cocktail evenings. Boozeless brunches. Wintery walks. Festive quizzes with family and friends. Fill up your calendar with plans that don’t revolve around drinking. 

4. Establish clear boundaries with yourself and others

New to sobriety? Think about how you can establish firm boundaries with those around you. This might look like telling friends about your newfound sobriety and requesting they don’t offer you a drink. It also might look like listening to your body and leaving social situations when you’re getting tired. Work out your boundaries, then work on implementing them.

5. Don’t overload yourself with plans

Make sure you don’t go OTT on the festive plans. It can be an exhausting period of time, even without sobriety in the mix. Make sure you’re making time for yourself too, so that you can get the most out of this wonderful festive season.

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