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Question time with Brandon Buchanan

Brandon Buchanan is a Chicago based poet, writer and recovering addict. Brandon shares his journey over his inspirational Instagram page @fromalx. We spoke with Brandon to discuss his journey and how sober communities can be more inclusive.

How long have you been sober?
I was sitting in the back of a police car on March 11, 2020, and realized I hit my rock bottom. I was a mess. I’ve since completed a drug treatment and recovery program, and started documenting my journey via @fromALX


What challenges have you found being in an inter-racial gay relationship?
My family’s safety continues to be the #1 challenge – especially during these periods of social unrest and injustice. I’m fearful of those who have hatred in their hearts; of those who are small-minded. Some days it’s hard to hold my husband’s hand in public because I can’t control the “crazies” who are out there.


What do you think sober/recovery communities should do more of to be inclusive of the black community?
AMPLIFY OUR VOICES!! I’m a Black, gay man in recovery and I have a story to tell – WE have stories to tell. There’s so much stigma in the Black community related to mental health and sobriety, and the last thing that we want is to be excluded. Our non-Black brothers and sisters in this community should continue to promote and support Black voices who are in recovery.


What has been the best thing about your new sober life in your relationship?
Rediscovering the love I have for my husband, my family, and my friends. Alcohol and drugs trapped me in the “sunken place”. I also love writing and art, and my husband is just as much of a contributor to @fromALX as I am. Sobriety is a journey we are on together!


If you want to hear more about Brandon’s story, follow his Instagram @fromALX.


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