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Reasons to Stay Dry this July

We have no doubt you’ve heard of Dry January, but have you heard of Dry July? It’s incredible to see that more and more people are tuning into an alcohol-free life! We’re sharing four reasons why staying dry this July could be the best decision you ever make:

1. Your mood will improve

Alcohol is a depressant and alters the chemicals in our brain. At first we can feel more relaxed and confident as our body produces extra dopamine when we drink, this makes us feel good and gives us an initial buzz. However, afterwards our body will be depleted of this which can then lower our mood. If we take alcohol whilst in our already low mood state, our brain finds it harder to transmit the happy chemicals we need to feel good again. By ditching the drink, you’re no longer consuming a depressant – meaning your mood will improve significantly!

2. You’ll have the support of everyone else taking part in the campaign

Stopping drinking during a time like Dry July, means you’ll be going booze-free alongside the thousands of others taking part in the campaign. Why not buddy up with someone and support each other along the way? 

3. You’ll save money, and time!

Think of all the money you’ll save by not drinking for a whole month! Not only this, but the time you’ll save too by not being hungover. Put the money aside and use it to treat yourself to something nice as a reward!

4. It could be the start of something incredible

There’s nothing worse than sober socialising with people who bring you down. Oh wait, yes there is – drunk people who bring you down! So, surround yourself with people who genuinely make you feel good, lift you up, and support your sobriety. This doesn’t mean that everyone you socialise with needs to be sober, but ensure whoever you’re socialising with fully supports and respects the fact that you are sober!

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