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Sober Dating

For many people dating and alcohol go hand in hand but it’s time to rip up the rule book. Consciously sober dating builds stronger relationships and deeper connections that can lead to longer lasting partnerships.

Here are some sober dating tips from Sober & Social Founder Emily Syphas:

1. Tell them you don't drink before the date

       Honesty is the best policy when it comes to sober dating.  I always make someone aware of the fact I’m not drinking before going on the date. That way if they truly don’t want to go on a sober date or date someone sober in the long term, you have already saved yourself wasting time on someone who, quite frankly wouldn’t have been right for you.

It’s best to manage expectations before you go, especially if they are planning the date. It will avoid you being taken to a wine bar where they probably won’t have much on the menu you can drink and it won’t be enjoyable for either of you. Some people may not be on board with your new conscious lifestyle which is also fine, but laying honest foundations is crucial to setting you on the path to finding someone in total alignment with who you are.

2. Be Confident

Own the fact you won’t be drinking and feel confident that you will be turning up to the date being the best version of yourself. You want to create a healthy and conscious relationship and you will only do this by being healthy and conscious within yourself. This choice is something to be proud of, the right person for you will be intrigued, open and totally on board with trying a sober date. The more confident we are in our choices the more confident and at ease others will be.

3. Be Creative

Sober dating is the perfect opportunity to broaden your horizons and do something different! It’s the chance to go bowling, play table tennis, challenge  someone to a game of darts, play mini-golf, go axe throwing, pottery making, try an exercise class you have always wanted to do or go on a sober bar crawl! The beauty of not drinking is it makes you explore different things and gives you the chance to be creative instead of just going for a drink! The best bit? You have tried something new, truly connected with someone and wake up hangover free. Cialis consegna immediata Cialis consegna immediata

4. Find a drink you love

       Not drinking doesn’t have to be boring as there are so many amazing alternatives that are just as interesting as the real deal. Finding a drink you love on a night out will make all the difference and even allow you both to try something different together. If your zoom dating perhaps suggest you both bringing an AF drink to the party.

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