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Sober Socialising After Lockdown

Let’s be honest – our social lives have been turned upside down over the past 12 months and the thought of life resuming can feel super daunting. Especially if we have gone sober over lockdown and are yet to flex our sober socialising muscles! The thought of going to a bar, a pub garden, nightclub, festival and summer BBQ’s really can feel quite overwhelming. 

To help you with this, we are sharing our top tips and tricks to help you navigate sober socialising with confidence, ease and excitement!

1. Reframe your perspective

Think of it as an adventure – a chance to explore a new part of you, a chance to make deeper connections and remember conversations, a chance to figure out exactly what YOU like and don’t like. Re-framing this as an exploration of self can really help to take worries and fears of sober socialising into a space of self-enquiry and adventure. 

2. Call ahead

Call the bar ahead of time and make sure they have some AF options. Not only does this take away the worry about somewhere not having something you can drink but it also means it takes away that battle in your head which tells you ‘just have one’. We know where one can lead so make sure you already know what you are going to drink before you get there.

3. Have a power hour

If a situation seems really triggering but you REALLY want to go, set yourself the goal of a power hour. Go for one hour but after this time if you aren’t having a good time or feel triggered give yourself permission to leave. 

4. Be the organiser

Offer to organise the day, night, or afternoon out. This way you could suggest a non-alcohol related activity or make sure wherever you are going has a fabulous AF drinks selection. By doing this, you are helping your friends by taking a task off their hands, whilst making sure it’s somewhere you feel comfortable.

5. Have an exit strategy

Know how you will get home, whether this is knowing where the nearest tube or bus stop is, bringing a local taxi number with you or pre-booking someone to pick you up. Having this in mind really helps take the pressure off thinking you have to stay all night or relying on anyone else. The last thing you want is to be waiting around for a drunken pal who has decided they want to stay out all night. An exit strategy allows you to sober socialise on your own terms.

6. Don’t be afraid to leave

You don’t owe anyone an apology, you don’t need to feel guilty and you certainly don’t need to go into details. If you’re not feeling it, you feel triggered, or everyone keeps repeating the same story…whatever it is, give yourself permission to leave and not feel bad about it.

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