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Tackling the Stigma Around Being Booze-Free

When it comes to living a booze-free life, the stigma is unfortunately VERY real.

​You may have been met with weird looks when you say you’re not drinking, been called boring, or just felt overwhelmed by the amount of alcohol advertising you see everywhere. 

​Living a booze-free life in a society that is built for getting boozy is tough. But there are things we can all do to help tackle the stigma…

1. Talk about it

Start open and honest discussions with people about alcohol and our relationship with it.

2. Challenge people

Challenge people when they judge others for not drinking. Don’t be afraid to speak up!

3. Get involved in the discussion

Get involved in conversations in the online world. Find Instagram accounts, Facebook groups, digital communities…and have your say.

4. Complain to the ASA

Make a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority about any ads you think are harmful or perpetuate the stigma.

5. Be open minded

Have an open mind, respect other people’s views, and be curious.

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