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What Is Hangover Free Living?

Our founder Emily Syphas was stuck in a destructive cycle of drugs, drink and unhealthy relationships and now she lives hangover-free. Here’s how…

I started my sobriety journey back in 2018, out of urgency. I was stuck in a destructive cycle of drugs, drinking and unhealthy romantic relationships. My mental health was at an all time low and I knew I needed help. At the time I was working in the nightlife scene in London and literally got paid to party. I knew I needed to make some serious lifestyle changes but wanted to continue doing my job, living my life to the fullest and not have to compromise on my social life. I decided to embark on living an alcohol-free life but not holding myself back because I no longer was drinking.

Was I going to be sober forever? Could I go from a problematic relationship with alcohol to an unproblematic relationship with alcohol? And what does it take to moderate? Do I need to be so labelled for the rest of my life? I started to explore and expand my horizons on different learnings around changing my relationship with alcohol away from full-time sobriety (something that isn’t often spoken about in the sober space). I am also a coach and help others with their relationship with alcohol, but moderation or occasional drinking isn’t something I have ever been able to do. I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of alcohol coming from a now unproblematic space and answer my questions.

I couldn’t find the language to use around my exploration. Did I want to go back to regularly having alcohol in my life? No, but I did want to explore what alcohol means to me so I created the concept of hangover-free living which as a baseline meant I lived a life with no hangovers.

I want to highlight this is going to mean something different for each person as we are all so individual. For some it will mean no alcohol at all and for others it might mean one or two drinks on a night out, but it’s open for you to decide what this means to you (through my exploration period this meant maximum 2 drinks, with food, over a few hours, with people I trusted and no more than twice a month). Crucially throughout this time I still very much saw myself as someone that doesn’t drink rather than someone that drinks alcohol occasionally.

When I talk about hangover-free living, I don’t just mean alcohol. I mean hangover free from regrets, hangover free from anxiety and hangover free from bad habits. It’s about taking your power back and creating a healthier and happier way of living that feels more accessible than having to fit into a label (if this doesn’t work for you).

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