Workshop: FINDING YOUR CONFIDENCE WHEN NAVIGATING YOUR NEW SELF with Calypso Barnum-Bobb – Wednesday 9th November

Time: 7:00pm – 8:00pm

Do you struggle to show up confidently as your authentic-self sometimes? This session will help empower you to activate unwavering self-confidence every single day.

You’ll be learning about the power of vulnerability, visualisation and also creating a daily tool that you can use forever to keep your confidence on point long after you leave the session. Your comfort zone is cosy, but CRAZY things happen when you step outside of it.

Calypso is a Self-Discovery Coach, Business Mentor and Content Creator who helps people to discover and express their authentic selves so they can create lives filled with freedom, fulfilment and abundance. After a 7 year career working as a fashion buyer with global brands like Nike and ASOS she burnt out hard, realising that she’d been living life according to society’s standard of success rather than her own. She went on a personal self-discovery journey to find her truth and purpose, documenting her journey along the way and building her coaching business, which is grounded in authentic self-expression.

You can find her at @calypsobarnumbobb on Instagram and Tik Tok.

Location: Zoom

This is a members-only event. If you’d like to become a member, join the waitlist here.



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