Our Favourite AF Fizz: Get Ready for Party Season

Our Favourite AF Fizz: Get Ready for Party Season

It’s that time again – time for fun, festivities, and in most cases…lots of boozing! If, like us, you’re living a hangover-free life, don’t worry about FOMO during the festive season. There are plenty of AF fizzes to keep you in the mood to have fun this party season! Keep reading to uncover our favourites…

French Bloom

Made from de-alcoholized Chardonnay from France and other natural and organic ingredients such as lemon, French Bloom is both organic and vegan certified. It’s a sophisticated alcohol-free sparkling wine, reinventing long-lasting pleasurable moments, gathering family and friends from all horizons, collecting lasting memories.

Lyre's Classico

Bubbling with taste, generous aromatics, classic green apple tartness followed by a soft richness of pear, peach, and red apple on the palate. Classico Grande contains only 144 calories a bottle, cut a fine figure at all times and still toast to your good health.

So for your next celebration, gift-giving, toast, raise a Flute or two with an award winner 100% alcohol-free. Sip Sip Hooray!


Noughty’s non-alcoholic organic vegan sparkling Chardonnay has been dealcoholised to retain the rich flavour of this beautifully crafted bottle. It’s all of the enjoyment of your favourite bottle of fizz without the alcohol.


VINADA is not your traditional wine! It’s a glamorous sparkling wine with a bubble and without alcohol. Expect an impressive balanced flavour and compared to other non-alco wines, a superior taste experience. A low calorie drink yet full of style and attitude to celebrate and have fun!

Belle & Co

Belle & Co. is a refreshing and finely balanced non alcoholic drink. It combines sparkling fermented grape juice blended with premium green tea. Perfect by itself, served chilled in a flute or a coupe, but also makes for a great mocktail ingredient. It’s the ideal drink for people who have chosen to stop or limit their alcohol intake but still want to enjoy a special experience.

Wild Life Botanicals

Wild Life Botanicals is a totally new type of magical alchemy that delivers plant power in all her true nature allowing you to deliver yours. Ultra-low in alcohol yet ultra-high in goodness, this unique English bubbly is infused with an uplifting elixir of vitamins, minerals and botanicals each chosen for their health-giving properties. At only 0.5% ABV and less than 35 calories per glass, Wild Life Botanicals champions a ‘no limits’ lifestyle. Wild Life Botanicals is quite simply big on benefits yet low in alcohol. That’s what we call double bubble!

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What Is Hangover Free Living?

What Is Hangover Free Living?

Our founder Emily Syphas was stuck in a destructive cycle of drugs, drink and unhealthy relationships and now she lives hangover-free. Here’s how…

I started my sobriety journey back in 2018, out of urgency. I was stuck in a destructive cycle of drugs, drinking and unhealthy romantic relationships. My mental health was at an all time low and I knew I needed help. At the time I was working in the nightlife scene in London and literally got paid to party. I knew I needed to make some serious lifestyle changes but wanted to continue doing my job, living my life to the fullest and not have to compromise on my social life. I decided to embark on living an alcohol-free life but not holding myself back because I no longer was drinking.

Was I going to be sober forever? Could I go from a problematic relationship with alcohol to an unproblematic relationship with alcohol? And what does it take to moderate? Do I need to be so labelled for the rest of my life? I started to explore and expand my horizons on different learnings around changing my relationship with alcohol away from full-time sobriety (something that isn’t often spoken about in the sober space). I am also a coach and help others with their relationship with alcohol, but moderation or occasional drinking isn’t something I have ever been able to do. I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of alcohol coming from a now unproblematic space and answer my questions.

I couldn’t find the language to use around my exploration. Did I want to go back to regularly having alcohol in my life? No, but I did want to explore what alcohol means to me so I created the concept of hangover-free living which as a baseline meant I lived a life with no hangovers.

I want to highlight this is going to mean something different for each person as we are all so individual. For some it will mean no alcohol at all and for others it might mean one or two drinks on a night out, but it’s open for you to decide what this means to you (through my exploration period this meant maximum 2 drinks, with food, over a few hours, with people I trusted and no more than twice a month). Crucially throughout this time I still very much saw myself as someone that doesn’t drink rather than someone that drinks alcohol occasionally.

When I talk about hangover-free living, I don’t just mean alcohol. I mean hangover free from regrets, hangover free from anxiety and hangover free from bad habits. It’s about taking your power back and creating a healthier and happier way of living that feels more accessible than having to fit into a label (if this doesn’t work for you).

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How To Thrive This Sober October

How To Thrive This Sober October

Sober October is upon us once again, and given the last few months in the world we feel it’s the perfect time to put down the booze for 31 days to reset and reconnect with ourselves. A survey conducted by Alcohol Change over lockdown concluded that more than a quarter of people have drunk more during lockdown, and 1 in 5 people have been drinking as a response to stress or anxiety. It’s a great opportunity to put healthier habits and coping mechanisms in place for the last quarter of the year. We think a month off (although we would suggest 3 months if you want to really feel the benefits of an alcohol free life) is enough time to reap the rewards of better sleep, improved skin, feeling more focused and motivated, improved mood and have more energy. There really is nothing to lose by going alcohol free (apart from the booze) but everything to gain.

To help keep you motivated and on track, we have put together our 5 top tips to help you through a Sober October:

1. Find great AF alternatives

we are lucky enough that no/low is one of the biggest growing and most exciting categories out there. You won’t be stuck for choice when looking for an alcohol free alternative and some taste that good you won’t actually miss the real thing. It’s a good idea to get stocked up as this will help navigate reaching for something stronger when perhaps you have had a stressful day, feel like you want to celebrate or want to relax. My favourite AF spirits are Lyre’s, Caleno and Everleaf, my favourite fizz is Noughty or Wild Life Botanicals and my favourite beer is Heineken 0.0, Lucky Saint or Brewdog.

2. Enjoy hangover free mornings

Imagine no groggy mornings, no feelings of regret or anxiety and no wondering where all your money disappeared to. You get to wake up feeling fresh, motivated and ready to attack the day. You could even put a morning routine in place think 10 minutes of mediation, 20 minute run or yoga and then write down 5 things you are grateful for. This has been a game changer for me and I guarantee it will help you stay on track!

3. Take up something new

Not only are you going to have more energy you will have more time because you won’t be spending time in bed with a hangover and naturally will be going to bed earlier than usual so you will be having more time to do the thing(s) you have always wanted to do. Perhaps this is a simple as read a book you have always wanted to read or time for a podcast, taking up a new gym class, signing up for a course or visiting a park you have always wanted to visit. Whatever it is, write ONE thing down right NOW and go do it!

4. Keep up your social life

Make sure you still go out and go and do the social things you have planned to do or said you would attend. Sober socialising can be one of the most scariest things to do sans booze but one of the most important. Be kind to yourself if going for the whole evening seems too much allow yourself to go for an hour and then leave. The fact you showed up and were present is enough.

5. Find sober pals

This is the perfect opportunity to find some sober pals either other people you know that are taking part in Sober October or what about using this as an opportunity to connect with some new people? You can always head to our Sober & Social website to join our membership where we operate a sober buddy system and run weekly events so you can connect with like-minded people, look at communities like Club Soda or head to Instagram and start finding some sober accounts to follow and reach out (the sober community are super loving and responsive).

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Our Favourite CBD Brands To Help You Wind Down And Relax

Our Favourite CBD Brands To Help You Wind Down And Relax

CBD is one of those wellness crazes that doesn’t seem to be going away. And for good reason too; its countless benefits target a myriad of issues. CBD products can be used to treat conditions such as chronic pain, inflammation, migraines, epilepsy, autoimmune diseases, depression, and anxiety. 

Short for cannabidiol, CBD is one of the many cannabinoids, or chemical compounds, found in marijuana and hemp. You’re probably already familiar with tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC – however unlike its counterpart, CBD is not intoxicating or psychoactive. So what does this really mean? It’s not going to make you high!

There are now an abundance of CBD brands to choose from. But if you’re new to the CBD party, this can be somewhat overwhelming – so we’ve narrowed down our absolute favourites so that you can take your pick from the top CBD brands to help you wind down and relax. 


Take a trip to your happy days with Trip. Unlike its name suggests, Trip won’t have you tripping – instead, it’ll give your mind clarity and your body balance. Dedicated to sharing only the highest quality products so that you can relax into your best self. Trip do a range of CBD oils and drinks for you to choose from.

Trip drinks are deliciously refreshing, lightly sparkling and infused with natural adaptogens for stress-free sipping. They’re gluten-free, vegan, low calorie with no added sugar, made in the UK in 100% recyclable cans.

Trip CBD oils have been voted ‘UK’s best CBD oil’ as voted by Grazia. They hep you take a trip to find your calm, relax into your best self and feel more you. They are powered by natural ingredients, THC-free and third party lab tested to ensure the highest quality and purity.

Our favourite product: Peach & Ginger flavour CBD drink

Why we love it: It’s a little bit sweet, a little bit fruity, and a little bit gingery – an excellent combination if you ask us! 15mg of CBD is the perfect amount to feel chilled and relaxed. Plus, their sleek and chic branding is absolutely on point. It sits with pride on our shelves.


Tune into you and find your space with OTO. Combining an expert-recommended 40-60mg of purest CBD, with botanical extracts, essential oils and adaptogens, OTO create premium products that work.

Take your pick from CBD oils, drinks and skincare that will rebalance your body and mind. Whether you’re looking to manage your anxiety, get a good night’s sleep or simply amplify the moment, OTO’s CBD products can help improve your quality of life. All of their products deliver the optimum quantity of CBD to experience the maximum and inherent benefits of this natural ingredient.

Our favourite product: CBD sleep drops

Why we love it: With 1500mg of CBD, the OTO sleep drops help you relax, unwind and let go of the stresses of the day. All you need is a couple of drops before bed to know that you’ll drift off with ease. Plus, the minty flavour is tasty and refreshing!


Rain is a cannabis wellness company making best-in-class therapeutic products for modern living. With their range of sleek CBD products, you can cleanse the old and tend the new. Rain create beautiful CBD candles, pens and balms that look minimal and luxury.

Our favourite product: Rain Cloud

Why we love it: Rain Cloud is the type of item you want to show off. A pen containing a 40% measure of high-quality CBD that’s super luxury looking and incredibly sleek. It delivers a natural lemon verbena flavour and provides approximately 90 x two-second inhalations.

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How To Be A Mindful Drinker

How To Be A Mindful Drinker

Mindful drinking can happen in many different ways. It can be deciding to only drink alcohol on special occasions, limiting yourself to one or two drinks on a night out, or drinking lower percentage drinks. Mindful drinking could be checking in with yourself before you drink, asking yourself how you feel, and making sure you only consume alcohol when you feel good. It could be not drinking alcohol at all and literally being mindful that you don’t want to drink anymore.

See below our top tips for being a mindful drinker in 2022:

1. Ask yourself the right questions

Asking yourself the right questions before you drink is such an important habit to get into before you drink. It will allow you to think about your decision before going into autopilot and having that glass of wine or bottle of beer. Ask yourself the below questions before you start drinking;


2. Be mindful in every area

Being a mindful drinker is about becoming mindful in all that we do. The more we look after ourselves in all areas of our lives, the less we will want to engage in unhealthy drinking habits. This means eating the right foods, exercising, sticking to our commitments, making sure we have enough time for ourselves, being present for our friends and family, creating goals for ourselves, and talking to ourselves in a loving way. If we have a more mindful approach to our lives as a whole, it will be easier to translate this when it comes to our drinking too.

3. Find mindful friends

This is a big one but I have found it to be a game-changer. Finding friends, communities, and support groups that allow you to connect with like-minded people is a big part of becoming a mindful drinker. It allows you to talk to others that understand your mindful journey, and gives new depth to your mindful social life! I would recommend checking out @joinclubsoda as they are the leaders for top tips and advice in the mindful drinking world.

4. Experiment with alternatives

If you want to become a mindful drinker, finding an AF or low percentage drink that you love is key. This will enable you to still enjoy a drink without feeling you are missing out and without the big hangover in the morning! We love experimenting with all the non-alcoholic beers on the market as we think some of them taste better than the real thing. 

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Incorporating The Magic Of Mushrooms Into Your Daily Life

Incorporating The Magic Of Mushrooms Into Your Daily Life

Let’s talk about the magic of mushrooms. And no, not the ones that probably come to mind! While magic mushrooms are definitely growing in popularity as a form of healing within the wellness world, mushrooms can be magic without having any psychedelic properties.

Using mushrooms for medicine and for their incredible properties isn’t a new thing. They’ve been used by our ancestors for centuries. However, we’re now fortunate to have so many brands popping up that feature mushrooms as one of the core ingredients to help enhance our daily routines and wellbeing practices.


Herbar is a new beauty brand that harnesses the power of mushrooms. Their unique face oil contains adaptogens that activate and restore harmony depending on what your own skin needs help with. They work their magic to adapt to your unique imbalances to train and strengthen skin against everyday stresses. The adaptogens work hard, do no harm and take the guesswork out of healing.

Plus, they’ve also launched their adorable little Gua-Shrooms – mushroom shaped Gua Shas! Derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Gua-Shroom is a tool to encourage lymphatic drainage for smoother-looking and more toned looking skin. Herbar’s unique Gua-Shroom shape was carefully designed to perfectly smooth over your skin.


Dirtea aims to be your new daily ritual with their super mushroom organic teas, coffees and cacaos for natural energy, focus, immunity, skin and calm. They make the purest and most potent functional mushroom extract powders, coffees and cacao super blends around, proven to improve your health, wellbeing and lifestyle when consumed daily. Integrate them into your daily routine and experience the power of mushrooms firsthand! 

Founders Andrew and Simon were always trying to find ways to improve their well-being whilst balancing work, travel and play. But living busy and hectic lifestyles, they also experience a lack of energy, bad sleep, anxiety and stress. In 2016, they discovered mushroom tea ceremonies and they found, first hand, that drinking functional mushrooms, can be a transformative experience with rapid results. Through Dirtea, you have the ability to integrate the magic of mushrooms into your own daily routine.


Fungtn create award winning alcohol free craft beer that harnesses the ancient wisdom of functional mushrooms to deliver a beer that saves you from hangover hell, contributing positively to mind and body.

No your beer won’t taste like mushroom, it will however help keep your mind and body on good form (no hangover no worries!). Choose from Chaga Lager, Lions Mane IPA and Reishi Citra Hop – all perfectly mushroomy and delicious!

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The Benefits of a Hangover-Free Summer

The Benefits of a Hangover-Free Summer

Summer is on its way! And we don’t know about you, but we can’t wait for days in the sunshine with friends featuring an AF drink in hand!

However, we also know sunnier days can be triggering for some, so we wanted to remind you of the fabulous benefits of an hangover-free summer season.

1. No hangovers

Need we say any more? Imagine a WHOLE SUMMER without a hangover in sight. No mornings spent with your head down the toilet, no cancelled plans because you can’t physically leave the house, and no dreaded the hangxiety the day after the night before. Pure bliss.

2. Being able to remember everything

What’s the point in planning an incredible summer if you’re going to get so drunk you won’t remember it anyway? Forget getting blackout drunk, plan a summer to remember – for all the right reasons!

3. Saving money on drinks

Prepare to save a whole load of money by having a booze-free summer. We can’t promise you won’t spend that money on tasty AF drinks instead though!

4. Nurturing your friendships

Being booze-free this summer means being able to make plans with the people you love and who you really want to spend time with, not just the people who are up for getting the most drunk. Plus, there won’t be a single drunken argument in sight!

5. Looking after your mental health

A whole summer without alcohol will have a hugely positive impact on your mental health. Your mental wellbeing will thank you, plus you’ll sleep better too. More rest = more fun. It’s a win win!

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Tackling the Stigma Around Being Booze-Free

Tackling the Stigma Around Being Booze-Free

When it comes to living a booze-free life, the stigma is unfortunately VERY real.

​You may have been met with weird looks when you say you’re not drinking, been called boring, or just felt overwhelmed by the amount of alcohol advertising you see everywhere. 

​Living a booze-free life in a society that is built for getting boozy is tough. But there are things we can all do to help tackle the stigma…

1. Talk about it

Start open and honest discussions with people about alcohol and our relationship with it.

2. Challenge people

Challenge people when they judge others for not drinking. Don’t be afraid to speak up!

3. Get involved in the discussion

Get involved in conversations in the online world. Find Instagram accounts, Facebook groups, digital communities…and have your say.

4. Complain to the ASA

Make a complaint to the Advertising Standards Authority about any ads you think are harmful or perpetuate the stigma.

5. Be open minded

Have an open mind, respect other people’s views, and be curious.

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Learning To Say No

Learning To Say No

There is no magic wand when it comes to living your best booze-free life. However, one of the most powerful tools you can learn to harness…is the art of saying NO.

Get comfortable saying no to things that you don’t want to do, to people that don’t make you feel good about yourself, to situations that you find triggering, to situations where you want to say because that’s what everyone else is doing

Learn to love saying NO. Here are five things to start saying no to on your booze-free journey…

1. Having a drink when you don't feel like it

If someone offers you a drink and you don’t want it, say no! It’s your choice as to whether or not you drink, nobody else’s.

2. People that don't make you feel good about yourself

Learn to set boundaries with the people who don’t lift you up and make you feel good. 

3. Invitations for events that you don't want to go to

Life is too short to go to parties and events that you don’t even want to go to! 

4. Situations that you find triggering

If a situation is triggering you, remove yourself from it as much as possible.

5. Staying out later than you really want to

Getting tired on a night out? Don’t force yourself to stay out to please others. Respect your tiredness, and say no to staying out for the sake of it.

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Cultivating Self-Love by Living a Booze-Free Life

Cultivating Self-Love by Living a Booze-Free Life

It’s a cliche, but it’s so true: the best and longest relationship you’ll ever have is with yourself.

Getting to know the real YOU, why you think the way you do, why you act the way you do, why you feel the way you do – that’s the true secret to living your most fulfilled life.

And you know what’s guaranteed to get in the way of knowing yourself on a deeper level? Yep, that’s right: ALCOHOL.

We don’t need to tell you the HUGE number of benefits of breaking up with booze, but this has to be one of the best. It can be terrifying, but it’s so worth it.

Learning to love yourself starts with KNOWING your true self and ditching the drink is the perfect starting point. Get used to spending time with yourself. Get used to embracing those uncomfortable moments where the voice in your head doesn’t say what you want it to. Build a real, fulfilling relationship where you can truly LOVE YOURSELF.

Here are our top five tips:

1. Make time for you

Embarking on a booze-free journey can feel exhilarating, overwhelming, exciting, daunting and liberating all at the same time. So whatever way you decide to do it, make time for YOU. Pay attention to what works, what doesn’t work, who supports you, who doesn’t support you, what you like, what you don’t like. And make time for the number one person in your life with this newfound knowledge – yourself.

2. Celebrate yourself along the way

It can be easy to get so focused on where you want to be that you forget how far you’ve come. Celebrate yourself and every little milestone of your booze free journey along the way. Reward yourself for things, no matter how small they might seem. Every moment counts and can help you cultivate a strong sense of self love.

3. Give yourself permission to rest

Going booze-free can be exhausting, particularly if you’re going all-in with the socialising side of things too. Give yourself permission to rest. Enjoy a slower pace of life, take more time to reflect on yourself and your journey, and focus on your mental wellbeing.

4. Know that it's okay to say no

Saying no doesn’t make you weak or a bad person. It can actually be one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself! Say no to situations that don’t make you feel good, people that don’t support you, and anything that gets in the way of your AF self-love journey.

5. Remember that it's not always going to be sunshine and rainbows

Going booze-free can be a beautiful journey, with so many positives and moments that make you smile. But it can also be full of dark times and moments where you think WTF am I doing?! Remember that it’s not always going to be sunshines and rainbows. But that’s okay. Have love for yourself throughout, particularly in the moments where you need it most.

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